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3.8 stars | 123 reviews
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Asphalt Sealcoating in St. Louis, MO

From the impact of daily traffic to the harsh conditions of St. Louis weather, your home or business’ pavement can take a beating every day. At Asphalt Paving & Concrete, we understand that when your driveway, parking lot, or road is in need of an upgrade, completely replacing the asphalt is not always an option. Not only is it expensive, but it can be a major inconvenience to your family or worse, disrupt your business operations. This is why the technicians here at Asphalt Paving & Concrete recommend proactive protection of your asphalt with sealcoating.
Regular sealcoating of your existing asphalt surface can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in replacement, repairs, and resurfacing costs. Let our asphalt sealcoating professionals help you preserve the look, longevity, and functionality of your asphalt paving without the major costs!
Asphalt Paving & Concrete has provided our customers in St. Louis and surrounding communities with reliable sealcoating solutions for 50 years! Call today to schedule service.

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Benefits of Preventative Asphalt Sealing

You want your property to look its best, but how can you maintain the appearance of your property and keep pavement from becoming damaged? Sealcoating is a superior, proactive process that’s used to beautify and protect the integrity of asphalt. It helps restore your asphalt to that black-as-night original look! Here are other great benefits of asphalt sealing:

Helps retain the pavement’s smooth and flexible surface
Prevents damage from UV rays and aggregate unraveling
Minimizes spill damage by keeping oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, and fuel oil leaks from penetrating the surface
Increases melting of snow and makes for a longer lasting wear surface
Preserves the investment of your property by making it safer, cleaner, and more attractive
Extends the life of your pavement

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Sealcoating Process

Asphalt Paving and Concrete uses an advanced sealing process and equipment to ensure that you won’t have to worry about load-bearing capacity or cracks. Look below for all the steps in our superior sealcoating process.

Step 1

Prepping the Area

Before the process can begin, we make sure the existing asphalt surface is properly cleaned. We remove vegetation from edges and out of any cracks. For any fine particles left behind, we use a high-speed power blower to ensure the cleanest surface area possible.

Step 2

Repair Any Broken or Cracked Asphalt (If Needed)

The purpose of sealcoating is to restore your asphalt to like-new condition, which is why we also take the time to repair any broken or cracked asphalt before we get to work. Some areas may only require a patch over the existing asphalt; however, the badly broken areas of asphalt that are disintegrating or buckling will need to be excavated to a depth needed to stabilize the area. By taking into account whether the asphalt is residential or commercial as well as its overall load conditions, our expert technicians will determine the level of thickness that is required for the area.
Finally, we will fill any cracks we find with rubberized or trowel grade crack filler prior to sealing.

Step 3

Apply Sealcoat

After everything is all prepped and ready to go, it’s time for our highly trained team of asphalt sealers to do what we do best! We use a machine applicator to apply a specially designed sealcoating mix to the entire area.
Over the years, we have perfected the process of applying sealcoating in a steady and efficient manner. We get it done right the first time so you can have a beautiful asphalt surface you can be proud of.

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Does your home’s driveway look worn and weathered? Could your business’ parking lot use a major upgrade? Asphalt Paving & Concrete offers a cost-effective and reliable option for protecting and maintaining the life of asphalt surfaces in St. Louis homes and businesses. Contact us in St. Louis, St. Charles, O’Fallon, St. Peters, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, Webster Groves, Bridgeton, Chesterfield, Earth City, Des Peres, Ladue, and Kirkwood, Missouri.

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